How To Make Soup Stock

Today I am going to teach you how to make soup stock so you won’t need to use the store bought stock that is lacking in flavor. Once you make your own and see how easy it is, you’ll probably never by the stuff from the store unless you’re in a time crunch. Homemade just tastes BETTER and you know exactly what goes into it and there is no extra “fillers” that you really don’t need! If you cook your soup broth longer, you’ll get more nutrients from the bones and end up with bone broth. Both are full of nutrients and a great healthy option!

I generally make stock from chicken bones from a chicken that I have roasted previously – we eat a lot of chicken! When I cook a whole chicken it’s with the intent of saving the bones for soup. I find different  recipes to use all the chicken meat. Sometimes my local grocery store has chicken backs/necks which also make wonderful soup stock! When you roast your chicken every part you don’t eat, right down to the skin, fatty tissue, bones and juices, all goes into a big freezer bag and into the freezer until I want to make soup. I also save the ends from carrots, celery and onions in a bag in the freezer, adding those to my stock. No point in throwing out perfectly good soup fixins’!

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