You asked, so we are putting together this resource page to help you on your journey. We only recommend products that we actually use and love! Check back often as we will be adding new things we find along the way!

Some links on our page are affiliate links and if you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission but your price will not change and you can help support our free content. All products that we’ve linked to, we use personally and recommend. If we haven’t used a product or don’t like it, we will not recommend it.

None of these products are required to achieve ketosis, just enjoy real, whole foods!

Products & Foods

Ketone Meter

Top-rated and the one we use to test ketone levels to know where we are in our journey!

Body Measure

Want to know what’s going on inside? Book a DEXA scan and track your progress!

Multi Collagen

Supports skin, hair and nails. We mix it into our “fathead” coffee with no taste or color!

Epic Pork Rinds

Our favorite hormone-free brand. Great for snacking or in a pizza crust recipe!


NON-GMO, Raw, Whole-Food Supplements without a bunch of fillers you don’t need!

Natural Bodycare

SAVE 25% on your first order using the discount code FIRST25 at check-out! Free shipping in Canada/North America on orders over $50 after any savings!


No taste and blends well into my “fat-head” coffee! Can also be added to salad dressings and keto approved smoothies!

individual packages of electrolyte powder LMNT brand

LMNT Electrolytes

My favorite brand of electrolytes! I use the unflavored pouch daily and keep a box of mixed flavors on hand for a treat!

Books & Documentaries

by Jason Fung

Life changing for us in understanding our weight loss struggles.

by Jason Fung

Life changing for us in understanding our weight loss struggles.

by Jason Fung

Fasting basics to get you started on your journey!

The Magic Pill Documentary

Check out the trailer on Netflix.