How to stop dieting and get off the diet roller coaster today!


Meeting will resume at a later date, due to Covid-19. Check back for details as to when we resume.  Please be sure to join our Facebook group for support – link below.

Join us for weekly low carb ketogenic lifestyle support in the Pembina Valley every Tuesday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:00pm-ish!


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For support between meetings we have a private Facebook group called Keto for Health and Wellness that anyone can join!

Struggling to cook great tasting foods that will help you stay on track? Check out our in-person cooking classes HERE for some of your favorite foods! Learn how to make your own foods so you know what goes into them and skip all the “keto” foods popping up in the stores. Many have ingredients that will continue to promote inflammation in your body as they contain inflammatory oils, sugars (using names you many not be familiar with) and wheat gluten (yes small amounts can still cause inflammation if you’re sensitive).