Hello there, I’m Shelly!


I have been where you are right now.

Overweight, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, PCOS, fatty liver, adult acne and rosacea, brain fog, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, fatigue … the list goes on.

I felt like I was 80 and I was only 49.

I felt like I was on my way out and wasn’t sure I was going to make 50.

I was a life-long yo-yo dieter.

Mainstream diet advice – eat less, move more, clearly wasn’t working.

Low fat, count calories, feel miserable and be starving.

When I couldn’t take and then binge myself into a food coma.

I finally took matters into my own hands.

I wanted to lose weight.

I wanted to get off multiple medications.

I wanted to just feel better …

Following a high fat, low-carb diet has changed everything for me. I was a self-professed carb-o-holic who could never image life without bread and pasta. Now, I remember how it makes me feel and I don’t want to go back there, EVER. Following a ketogenic lifestyle has change my life like could have never imagined and Dan came along for the ride.

I’m currently enjoying:

  • Decreased hunger
  • Dramatically reduced joint pain
  • Reversed pre-diabetes
  • Removed 3 medications
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Gained mental clarity
  • More energy
  • Headaches are rare
  • Skin is improving
  • Down 65+ pounds and going

My ketogenic lifestyle has given me a whole new outlook on life, and I want to share that with you. I want to provide you with the support that will help you find better health and ultimately lose the weight that has stuck around no matter what you’ve tried. I am here to help you navigate the twists and turns, provide you with accountability and teach you how to read signals from your body so that you can make a low carb lifestyle enjoyable. I will walk with you and support and guide you along your journey as you make this lifestyle change.

You CAN do this!

Dan Heinrichs

I do what the wifey says (she wrote that) … I say, well, most times?… ok, sometimes.

In addition to being Shelly’s husband, I am a Photographer, Musician, her “partner-in-crime” and hands down her biggest fan. While she has had her share of health struggles, I have been very fortunate – for the most part I’ve been healthy and in pretty good shape, round is a shape right?

Well it turns out, as I approached “mid-life”, the big ’50’, I was becoming … let’s say…“more than the man I had been”. My waistline was expanding and my energy seemed to be declining at corresponding rate.  I began to realize that my lacksidasical approach to life might be catching up with me. When I hit 245lbs, I knew it was to make some changes. I had become overweight – yep, obese. Not only that, but unknown to me at the time I had developed one hell of a carb addiction. So much so in fact, that I thought I had become hypo-glycemic.

Shelly had been studying and researching a better way of life, looking for a solution that was effective and sustainable. While she had been a “dieter” most of her life, I had never given it a thought. Shelly has, and has had, my complete support in anything she has tried, done or wants to do, like I said I’m hands down her biggest fan… that is until she came along and said we needed to go … Low-Carb (groan..), or probably even keto!  At that point my reaction was … let’s say reserved, less than enthusiastic, I wasn’t excited about this one, after all keto was/is the ‘hot trend’, the latest diet fad, and I don’t do diets. You see, I have a few vices, some of which are somewhat “carb-centric”, like … Beer…, Wine.., Chocolate…,  you get the picture?

A few months ago when she came along and re-stated her thoughts about keto, my response was a rather snarky “What!?… This shit again?!” When she added “fasting” to the equation, I said “hell no!, I like food!”. Well, she insisted she was going to do it.  So, because I mean to support her in everything, I put aside my disdain and said Ok, I’ll join you, and we agreed to go keto for 6 weeks, kicking it off with a 1 week fat-fast.

Well … what can I say, (*shameless plug alert!*) I’m glad she’s my health coach! I mean … WOW! 10 weeks later, I’m down 45 lbs and counting! Better yet, I’ve found a sustained energy that’s almost unbelievable. Being fat-adapted is amazing! – it makes fasting so easy! In fact if i wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it. Yes, I had read about it, heard plenty of others talk about it, but didn’t believe, or certainly couldn’t fathom that it could be so different, so easy.

I’m 54, and seriously, I haven’t felt this good in 20 or 25 years!

Thank you my dear, for your persistence … I owe my progress to you!